Meet the Founders

We are a team of seasoned professionals envisioning to bring a wave of change all over the world. We are committed to personal growth to equip individuals to use the power of their minds. By activating this power, we aim to make businesses grow through a productive and happy workforce. We also ensure individuals step away from focusing on problems to adopt a solution-oriented approach. We create this win-win situation wherein a happy and content mind leads to greater productivity and efficiency along with highly satisfactory outcomes.


Dr. Paras

Dr. Paras, Founder of Dr. Paras Wellness Pvt. Ltd. a Life Leadership Coach is on a mission to change lives. His extensive background in coaching, training and mentoring have fetched him several global awards for his impactful work. He envisions inspiring, empowering, and transforming every individual by equipping them to know and use the power of the mind. He believes the mind is the greatest tool and is motivated to share the knowledge of tapping this power with every person he partners with. Dr. Paras seamlessly blends his teaching and techniques to his session leaving the attendees transformed for life. He spearheads the brand, Matrrix - which is a premium name in the areas of coach certification, coaching, training, counseling certification, and mentoring. He also holds extensive Mindfulness programs and retreats with Neuro-linguistic programming being the latest addition to his certification programs. Under his leadership, Dr. Paras Wellness is also working towards community welfare through its not-for-profit Tava-Mitram, run by the examination certification body, Iinner Universe Education Foundation (India).

Dr. Paras is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) from ICF and EIA - Master Practitioner (MP) and Assessor from EMCC, European Supervision Individual Accreditation (ESIA) and ranking at the number 1 position in India and Asia (Number Two position on a global level). He is among the 40+ odd coaches to have received this honour and accreditation. He is a certified Neuro-linguistic Practitioner from the society of Dr. Richard Bandler. A trained Hypnotherapist ( ACHE - American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, San Francisco ) he believes in transforming people and making coaching a way of life for all.

Kalpna Joshi

Kalpna brings her effervescent energy to the company and is a prime member of Dr. Paras Wellness. Her personality exudes creativity and her extensive experience in healing has lent more additions to the services offered. A practicing numerologist, Kalpna was awarded the Numerologist Coach of the Year (2019) at the World HRD Congress (Mumbai). She brings forth her talents and expertise to Dr. Paras Wellness while adding Chakra Dhyana, benefits of meditation powered by her intuitive skills to the range of services offered by the firm. She is also a part of Mental Strength Professionals where she lends her healing powers and is an active leader of Tava-Mitram, a not-for-profit organization aimed to provide coaching for the less fortunate.



Ekktaa Daithankar

Known as a Spiritual Coach with sound techniques to coach, train, and heal individuals, Ekktaa is an active founder at Dr. Paras Wellness. She hails from a background of Human Resources, coaching, and counseling, having had a successful career of over 15 years. Ekktaa brings her expertise in the areas of coaching, spirituality, and mindfulness and is an active pioneer of all new ventures of Dr. Paras Wellness Pvt. Ltd. She adds her innovation to the products and offerings while working towards her primary mission of empowering humans to believe and trust themselves. She strongly believes an empowered society leads to a winning community - one of the core missions and objectives of Dr. Paras Wellness. Her leadership acts as a guiding light for the company while infusing it with the vibrant energy for all its enterprising ventures.

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